BromMarin is a spin-off from Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany with the aim of developing novel methods in marine biotechnology. We extract marine sponges of the Verongida order in a way that not just the extraction of bromotyrosines, but simultaneously the isolation of sponge scaffolds becomes possible. The bromotyrosines are applied as anti-cancer agent or as antibiotics in pharmacy and cosmetics. The sponge scaffold are needed as filter material in material science, as a natural wound healer in biomedicine or as host for stem cells and chondrocytes in Tissue Engineering.
A pilot sponge farming plant in the Mediterranean ensures the sustainable and abundant production of marine agents. Like in muscle or fish farming plants, marine sponges are grown, harvested and processed for the first time. At the moment we focus on culturing the “gold sponge” Aplysina aerophoba. Further sponge species are consecutively investigated.
Within the laboratory, the sponge tissue is processed further. After the extraction and purification of the bromotyrosines, the highest possible purity (>99%) is confirmed externally by cooperation partners. Every sample is investigated before the delivery to guarantee the purity.

From the idea

More often than not, startup ideas take time to evolve until the actual launch of the company. In our case, it took exactly seven years. Originating in a scientific research project carried out in August 2008, the startup was finally launched in October 2015. The driving force in the beginning was Prof. Hermann Ehrlich, a seasoned expert in the fields of biomineralogy and extreme biomimetics. After decades of research, he had the opportunity to research marine organisms in the field (Adriatic coast) for several weeks in 2008. This field trip became the origin of the BromMarin GmbH enterprise.

Through research

Back in Germany, the scientific focus quickly became the “gold sponge” Aplysina aerophoba. Literature and results of pilot-scale studies had already realized its high potential. A more efficient and economic extraction process needed to be developed. The work with the Verongida sponge pathed the way for a refined extraction of the so-called bromotyrosines and, thus, for the concentration on the pharmaceutical market. The thoughts of launching a company matured.

To the foundation

To boost the organic chemistry expertise, another graduate of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg got on board. With Marcel Bürger and the successfully raised EXIST scholarship the graduates were able to establish the first extraction procedures and analyses. Searching for an expert in the field of business administration, the two could finally enthuse a third graduate of the Bergakademie. Stephan Meschke completed the team and helped to bring the obtained results from laboratory to market. For this, the success in extracting the bromotyrosine derivate Aeroplysinin-1 in its purest form was essential. By raising a scholarship to found technology oriented startups by the university as well as by convincing a private investor, the major step followed. From the implementation of an idea, through research, the launch of the BromMarin GmbH was finally realized in October 2015.

Our Team

In a way, the three founders and their mentor Prof. Hermann Ehrlich, sought and found each other. All three completed their studies at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, are interested in the field of biotechnology and sports and belong to the creative minority of left-handed individuals. In fact, success in sophisticated areas such as biotechnology requires interdisciplinary knowledge, enabling the founders to find solutions by accessing the subject from different perspectives.

Our Partners

Since the idea to spin-off BromMarin became clear, national and international strategic cooperations with companies and research institutes were initiated. The presented partners have either complementary abilities at command – such as methods of measurement or preparations, are valuable research partners in the field or have a vested interest in selling the products of BromMarin.

sponsors and network

The market volume of marine pharmacy had an amount of 5.3 billion US-$ in 2012. According to BBC research, marine pharmacy represents major market potential with projected growth rates of about 12.5 % per year and approximately 8.6 billion US-$ in 2016. Thereby, marine sponges represent the highest-grossing sector, with forecasted annual growth rates of 5 %.

In general, a saturation of the entire pharmacy market is not conceivable. According to data presented by Statista, the development of the R&D investments in the field is clear. Globally, the investments in R&D rose from 108 billion US-$ to 142 billion US-$ between 2006 and 2014. Until 2020, an ongoing rise up to 160 billion US-$ is predicted. Hence, the pharmacy is represented as an attractive industry for investments.

BromMarin is entering a viable market and ready to create novel market fields through its innovations. Let’s get in touch.

Private Investor

Michael Rattey

Are you interested in investing with the BromMarin GmbH, then we kindly invite you to contact us.


Andre Ehrlich

Andre Ehrlich completed his bachelor studies in the field of geology and mineralogy at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. In 2008, Andre had already begun to work with marine sponges and, among other things, studied the extraction of their chitin skeleton. Benefiting from the establishment of the focus group “biomineralogy and extreme biomimetics” at the Bergakademie, he was able to pursue his interest in sponges alongside his studies. Based on this longstanding experience and as idea generator, Andre thus is responsible for the strategic direction and for the team as the managing director. Furthermore, he contributed to several scientific publications.


Marcel Bürger

Marcel Bürger enhanced the initial extraction method of bromotyrosines from Aplysina aerophoba and further complemented it with breakthrough processes in the following years. He gained the necessary know-how through the completion of his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry, also at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, with specialization in organic chemistry. Since the beginning of the EXIST grant, Marcel is in charge of both, the research progress as well as the production of the chemical substances in the laboratory. He was also already able to gain international experience in disseminating his scientific work and add this asset to the company.


Stephan Meschke

Stephan Meschke has successfully completed his diploma in business administration at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 2012. Subsequent to a stay abroad in North America, he worked as a research associate in a scientific project at the chair of leadership and human resources before completing the team. Besides team management, Stephan is in charge of the business development including marketing and sales of the BromMarin GmbH. His previous research activities are located at the intersection of marketing and management with technical and engineering disciplines and have been multiply published.


Prof. Hermann Ehrlich

Prof. Dr. Hermann Ehrlich is the group leader of the working group “biomineralogy and extreme biomimetics” at the institute for experimental physics at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, where he does research in the fields of marine biomaterials, biominerals, biocomposites and biomimetics. Concerning marine sponges, he can draw on research results of more than 10 years, numerous publications, patents and two treatises. Prof. Ehrlich, as a W3 Heisenberg professor awarded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), is known and appreciated worldwide as a distinguished scientist in his field. In the person of the creator of the extraction process and renowned scientist, Prof. Ehrlich represents the ideal mentor who is going to remain committed to the company in the long run. Due to his experience with startups and comprehensive industry knowledge he is also a valuable advisor concerning economic issues.



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