Latest publications: BromMarin products are still on the advance

BromMarin remains its research on the extraction and the effects of bromotyrosines and gains more and more international attention on the commercialization of its products (see Dyshlovoy & Honecker, Mar. Drugs 2020, 18, 20; doi:10.3390/md18010020). Thereby the prices for pure agents range between $-US 100 and $-US 800 per mg and for purified sponge tissues between $-US 25 and $-US 30 per square centimeter (

The medical effects of bromotyrosines, like Aeroplysinin-1 and Isofistularin-3, are known for some time. They show effect against multi-resistant bacteria (e.g. A. baumannii and K. pneumoniae) as well as against tumorigenic cell lines (neuroblastoma cell line: SH-SY5Y and breast cancer cell line: MCF-7). Less is known about the biocompatibility of the sponge materials with human cell lines and about the possibility of extracting bromotyrosine agents and chitin scaffolds simultaneously. These results were recently reported from a research team around Prof. Ehrlich. More information are shown here: Binnewerg, Schubert, Voronkina, et al., Marine biomaterials: Biomimetic and pharmacological potential of cultivated Aplysina aerophoba marine demosponge, Materials Science & Engineering C (2019),

Further, only in 2019 it was described how – with only a two-step production – to products can be received: bromotyrosines and 3D chitin scaffolds. Therefore the sponge Ianthella flabelliformis (Linnaeus, 1759) was used – exemplary for the wide range of marine sponges and the respective biomaterials. More information can be found here: Kovalchuk et al., Mar. Drugs 2019, 17, 574; doi:10.3390/md17100574

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